Social Vision partners with YorkMix to profile the local voluntary sector



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Social Vision partners with YorkMix to profile the local voluntary sector

An exciting new partnership between Social Vision and YorkMix will provide opportunities for the local not-for-profit sector to raise awareness of their work, highlight challenges faced, and promote opportunities for York residents to engage with them.

Whilst most people are familiar with larger charities such as St Leonards, Macmillan and Barnardo’s, there are tens of thousands of micro-organisations busily working away across cities, towns and villages the length and breadth of England. In York alone, there are hundreds of not for profit organisations supporting our communities.

Many of these organisations consist of groups of like-minded people brought together by a shared goal – most often personal experience – who collaborate to address, solve, influence or just simply support one another to deal with the issue.

Most are volunteer-led, under-resourced and do not have the capacity to raise awareness of their work, enabling them to grow and offer their services to more like-minded people. As such, they remain hidden; under the radar.

This new partnership will address this and see Social Vision visiting these organisations to find out about what they do, how they started, some of the challenges they face, and how/if the York community can support their efforts. This will feed into a regular feature article on the YorkMix website –

Aims and opportunities for your organisation

  • Raise awareness of the brilliant work going on at a community level, and increase your visibility
  • Increase accessibility to your services for people in York who might need them
  • Celebrate the role of volunteers and social entrepreneurs across the City
  • Support small organisations to grow and deliver more services, to more people
  • Attract funding, support and partnerships
  • Achieve a higher profile through local digital media coverage

Further information

If you are a small local organisation (less than 5 paid staff) or individual doing socially-minded work in York’s communities, please get in touch to arrange a time for a visit. Visits should take up to an hour, will include a free professional photography mini-shoot and can be held at a location of your choosing.

Email:   | Phone: 07551 008 631   |   Tweet: @socialvisionuk


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