Space needed for 20,000 more trees in York

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Space needed for 20,000 more trees in York

Do you have a space for trees in your local area? Get in touch with Treemendous.

The Treemendous York partnership is a voluntary, not-for-profit group supported by City of York Council, driving forward a programme of planting 50,000 trees in Greater York. 

They bring together organisations and individuals with an interest in tree and hedgerow planting. 

They have already help plant over 30,000 trees and 900m of hedgerows to date. The only thing stopping them planting more is a lack of space to plant them!

So – If you have space for trees, whether that’s a large garden for one or two trees, or larger parcels of land for more ambitious planting schemes, Treemendouse can provide support to help you obtain planting stock, choose tree species and plant “right tree, right place”.

Local landowners or land managers interested in having trees planted on their property who want to find out about the range of benefits trees and hedgerows can bring to farmland and urban environments – Get in touch


Why Trees?

Trees have a large part to play in improving the health of the environment, and of the human race. Some of the many benefits healthy tree coverage can bring include:

  • CLEAN AIR- They absorb and filter particulates, carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.
  • FLOOD PREVENTION – They absorb and hold back water, especially in the upper reaches of rivers, slowing down the rush into cities which often causes flooding. York has been a particular victim of flooding in the last few years.
  • RECREATION – Woodland walks, benches with woodland views, play areas and dens are some of the ways trees can help people of all ages to relax and enjoy themselves. Dogwalkers know that their charges revel in a wooded environment.
  • EDUCATION – Watching and studying trees gives an example of, and an insight into, phenomena such as growth, propagation, reproduction and animal behaviour.
  • SHADE – Not only for wildlife, but humans also – even in the fickle British climate it can sometimes be hot enough to make shade desirable!
  • HEALTH AND WELLBEING –  More studies suggest that patients – in hospitals and at home – recover more quickly when they have a view of trees through their windows or from balconies.

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