Supermarket deliveries and opening times for the vulnerable

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Supermarket deliveries and opening times for the vulnerable

Following is information on how to get a supermarket delivery slot for vulnerable people and what the opening times are for vulnerable and older people and NHS workers at the big supermarkets as of 17 April 2020

For many supermarkets you first need to register as an extremely vulnerable person on the Government website


Aldi delivery information

Minimum spend: £0

Delivery waiting time: The supermarket has launched Aldi Food Parcelsfor £24.99, allowing customers to order groceries online for the first time. The parcels are 14kg, filled with 22 food items and household products such as pasta, tea, coffee, antibacterial hand wash and toilet roll.

The price includes delivery and the website says, “It’s a great shopping solution for vulnerable people and people who are self-isolating.” It’s is limited to one per customer each week and is not available in store. Order it here.

Store opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: Aldi has announced it will be extending opening times to 10pm between Monday and Saturday, and its dedicating browsing time for emergency workers (NHS, police and fire service) 30 minutes before the regular opening times every Sunday along with priority ahead of queues every day, will be opened up to other key workers including care home workers, St. John’s Ambulance staff and first responders. You will need a relevant ID in order to enter the store.​

The elderly, (over 70) and most vulnerable will be able to browse in-store 30 minutes early between Monday and Saturday (7.30am to 8am).

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Asda delivery information

Minimum spend: £40

Delivery waiting time: Asda has increased the number of delivery slots available by 300,000 on top of the 700,000 if usually offers weekly.

However, it has currently sold out of online delivery slots and click and collect slots up until 29 April, and is asking customers to shop in-store when possible to allow vulnerable people to use the online delivery slots.

It will only be showing delivery or click and collect slots for the week ahead.

Opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: NHS and care workers will have priority in-store on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8am-9am, and browsing time between 9am-10am on Sundays.

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Iceland delivery information

Minimum spend: £25

Delivery waiting time: Iceland has removed its restrictions on home delivery, which is now available to all customers, with customers over the state pension age (65+), self-isolating and vulnerable people like the disabled prioritised.

Store opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: The last hour of trade in Iceland stores will be dedicated to NHS customers, with photo ID as proof. In its food warehouse stores, NHS workers will be allowed early access for the first-hour trading at 7am. Again, this varies by stores, so make sure to check your nearest store online.​

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Morrisons delivery information

Minimum spend: £40

Delivery waiting time: Morrisons has advised booking delivery slots as far in advance as possible, which can be up to weeks away, but there are no further slots shown on its website. There’s an average of a 15-minute wait to get onto the website.

On the website it says: “Please note, unfortunately, we currently have no available delivery slots and our contact centre do not have any other access to delivery slots. We are doing everything we can to increase the number of delivery slots and capacity we can accommodate.”

It is directing customers to its food boxes, which it says it has good availability of slots for and are accessible to all. Starting from £30 they consist of essential food and household items for vegetarians, meat-eaters and families.

The supermarket has teamed up with Deliveroo to offer a 30-minute delivery system to help those who cannot make it to the shops get essentials. It will be available from 130 of its stores, and will be offering around 70 products, including chopped tomatoes, bread and chicken, along with some ready-meals. Prices will be the same as they are in-store, plus a £4.99 delivery fee.

Opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: Morrisons has extended its opening times from 7am-8pm, Monday to Saturday and in England and Wales, Sunday opening hours will be 9:30am-4pm.

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Waitrose delivery information

Minimum spend: £60

Delivery waiting time: Currently delivery slot bookings are fully booked up until 19 July, with more slots being added daily. However, customers who already have slots booked can amend and add to them.

It is prioritising the vulnerable and elderly for both it’s home delivery and click and collect slots, with 25 per cent of orders being committed to elderly and vulnerable customers.

On its website it says: “These customers are being identified using data we currently hold. We are actively working with the UK government to identify further vulnerable and elderly customers.

“We’re doing all we can to make more delivery and click and collect slots available soon. You can still amend or cancel any placed orders as normal.”

Opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: The first opening hour of every Waitrose store will be prioritised for elderly and vulnerable shoppers and those that care for them, which again varies shop to shop.

For NHS staff, Waitrose is setting aside hard-to-find and essential products, and giving a priority checkout service to ensure NHS workers get through the store speedily.

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Tesco delivery information

Minimum spend: £25

Delivery waiting time: Tesco has announced it has expanded its home delivery and click and collect slots by 145,000 in the last two weeks.

At the time of writing, there are currently some delivery slots available across the UK between 20th and 26 April. Delivery costs range from £2-£7.

Opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: For vulnerable and elderly customers, Tesco stores will be prioritised between 9am and 10am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

NHS workers will have access to a dedicated hour every Tuesday and Thursday and a browsing hour before checkouts open on Sundays. ​

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Sainsbury’s delivery information

Minimum spend: £40

Delivery waiting time: Sainsbury’s has prioritised an additional 150,000 delivery slots for elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers, but there is currently no slots available for delivery or click and collect, however, it says to keep checking.

By the end of last week, Sainsbury’s had made 600,000 delivery slots available for home delivery and click and collect, and is continuing to add more over the coming weeks.

“You can get access to priority home delivery by visiting and searching ‘coronavirus extremely vulnerable’.” The supermarket has said it’s already contacted 270,000 customers who they identified as elderly or vulnerable based on the information it has.

If you are self-isolating and having a home delivery, you should let Sainsbury’s know so you give the drivers the appropriate delivery instructions.

Only available to existing customers? Yes, Sainsbury’s has paused all-new online registrations.

Opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: For the elderly, disabled and carers, Sainsbury’s is dedicating 8am-9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for shopping. NHS and social care workers will be able to shop in supermarkets for 30 minutes before they open, from 7:30am-8am, from Monday to Saturday.

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Marks & Spencer delivery information

Minimum spend: £0

Delivery waiting time: Home deliveries are currently unavailable and orders have been suspended, but all existing orders will be delivered. It has also temporarily closed its “food to order” service, however, existing orders will be fulfilled.

However, it has partnered with Deliveroo to deliver 60 Marks & Spencer products, such as milk, bread and juice to customers across the UK through the app.

Opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: The first hour of trading in the supermarket is on Monday and Thursday for older and vulnerable customers. For NHS and emergency workers, it is Tuesday and Friday.

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Co-op delivery information

Minimum spend: £15

Delivery waiting time: Delivery slots with the Co-op are fully booked up, but the supermarket advises to continuously check back for availability.

Opening times for key workers and the vulnerable: For NHS workers, vulnerable customers and people that care for them, Co-op stores have dedicated from 8am-9am Monday to Saturday and 10am-11am on Sundays to accommodate them.

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Ocado delivery information

Minimum spend: £40

Delivery waiting time: Ocado has no slots available, but is prioritising customers identified as vulnerable for slots that will be available on general release for the next 24 hours. New next-day slots will be released every day after 4:30pm for customers not on the priority list, but this time is subject to change according to the delivery service.

On its website, it says: “Customers with a delivery or who have been notified as a priority customer, you can log in to do so.”

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This blog was edited from information on The Independent’s website.


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