Support for strained relations during Covid-19

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Support for strained relations during Covid-19

The last few weeks have been tough, hasn’t it? I do not know any family, or couple, who haven’t had major arguments, disagreements and pure longing to be able to get away from everything and one another.

The tension, when everyone is cooped in in a house in such an unnatural way, can be like a time bomb waiting to go off.

Many people need help.

Relationship Matters is a new multi-authority partnership which offers information, tips and advice on how to overcome tensions, remain calm and where you can go to get further help.

Their website is aimed at people in relationships where things are usually respectful, equal and cooperative, but right now, in the heat of the lockdown, they are experiencing difficulties.

There are three areas the website looks into

  • How to Stay calm
  • How to Work it out
  • When to Get help

And there are lots of videos, stories and exercises to help you through.

With specific sections on single dads, separated parents, children and how to handle arguments, it could be something we can all dip into at times.

Please note – this is not the place to go for domestic violence issues.

If there are any concerns around controlling/coercive behaviour, violence or fear, families should seek advice from their local domestic violence services.

For more information visit, call 101 or if you are in immediate danger, call 999.


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