The technology that connects us also controls us

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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The technology that connects us also controls us

Anyone who has watched Netflix’s The Social Dilemma will probably be quite disturbed. It’s a clever docu-drama exploring and exposing the dangerous human impact of social media, both to individuals and society at large.

Tech experts from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more are sounding the alarm on the very technology they created.

At the end of the show are some tips on how to reclaim your life and balance your tech usage.

We thought those who haven’t watched it, might be interested in them:

  • Turn off all your notifications
  • Uninstall Apps that waste your time
  • Only keep apps on your phone that are timely and important to you
  • Don’t choose a search engine that stores your search history
  • Don’t accept video recommendations on Youtube, choose your own
  • Before you share a story, fact check it from several sources
  • Don’t click on click bait
  • Get your own information from lots of sources to get a balanced point of view
  • Find a space for actual conversation
  • Enjoy the world outside


Three simple rules for kids and screen time

  1. Get all devices out of all bedrooms at a set time every evening – at least half an hour before bed time
  2. No social media until kids are at High School or preferably at 16
  3. Work out a screen time budget with your kids. Ask them how much time they want, make an agreement and stick to it.

There is lots more advice here


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