Three York women set up new arts company to champion women and girls



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Three York women set up new arts company to champion women and girls

Bolshee CIC is a new female-led creative projects company, based in York. Set up by 3 artists and friends, to produce projects with the aim to help everyone feel heard, empowered and supported, regardless of their gender or background.

L-R: Paula Clark, Megan Bailey, Lizzy Whynes – Bolshee

The company is made up of Creative Director, Paula Clark, Associate Director, Lizzy Whynes and Creative Producer, Megan Bailey. The trio describe themselves as all very different, but all interested in all aspects of culture and the way that people come together to experience it. Collectively the Team has 35 years experience in creating, producing and delivering creative arts projects with young people and adults.

Paula Clark, explains

Often the theatre industry can feel stifling for women, especially those from working class backgrounds. I have definitely felt that. It is so important that we take up space, and we carve our own way to make change and are allowed to work within our own creative strengths. I have a background in theatre and performance, working specifically with a social justice agenda. This is what Bolshee is all about. Everyone is invited. Everyone belongs. But we particularly want to champion women and girls.

Meghan Bailey continues

Creative women have so much to offer, but no matter how loud we shout the power is held by men. Bolshee want to celebrate women and girls, their experiences, their talent and everything they can bring to the table. Everyone is invited, but, here, the bolshie women are in control.

Lizzy said

York is rich with amazing artists and grassroots organisations. We want to collaborate, not compete. We also want everyone to have a really good time! Yeah, we are women. Yeah we are Bolshee – let’s do this.


The Team is running a free introduction to autobiographical performance making, Bolshee Women: Perform Yourself. The free workshop on Friday 13 May, 1pm – 3pm at Young Thugs Studio is for everyone who identifies as a woman, is 18 years old or over and wants to find their voice. We will explore some devising techniques using free drawing, writing and contemporary performance techniques. This is a relaxed workshop – no experience necessary! All materials will be provided. Tickets at: Bolshee Women: Perform Yourself Tickets, Fri 13 May 2022 at 13:00 | Eventbrite

Bolshee website



paula clark, lizzy whynes, megan bailey from Bolshee York sat on a sofa Social Vision


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