Volunteers needed at York’s social farm



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Volunteers needed at York’s social farm

Beetle Bank Social Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise which provides an innovative service to people living with dementia in the York area.

The service, set up in March 2018, is run from a working farm in Murton where our emphasis is on keeping active and involved in the running of the farm.

“I love it. That’s why I like coming here, its easy. When you get there you know what you’re doing” (Andy, participant)

Social Farming (or Care farming as it is more commonly known) is part of the growing recognition of the benefits to people from being outdoors and engaging in natural based activities, sometimes known as ‘Green Care’.

“I like being active, I like having things to do” (Keith, participant)

beetle bank farm york dementia social farming

A typical day will involve being outside looking after the animals (feeding and watering them/mucking out), eating a hot lunch together, followed by other activities such as horticulture, baking, assisting in jobs around the farm whilst socialising together throughout the day.

“In a way we’re very lucky. We’re doing this. We’re doing that” (Peter).

Family care partners have also reported benefits:

“It has helped me knowing that John is happy and enjoying life and given me time out from caring which enables me to be a little less stressed and able to cope” (Family care partner of service user).

One of our aims is to continually improve our service. To this end we benefit from the support of volunteers. We currently need volunteers who like to be outdoors, supporting people and around animals. If you are interested please make contact Justin at: beetlebanksocialfarm@gmail.com or call: 07843 761684


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