We need your support to build a new community space!



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We need your support to build a new community space!

Most readers of this blog will know that we are working alongside local property developer North Star to introduce a community element into their projects. This ranges from meanwhile use projects such as The Malthouse, through to more permanent spaces like Heworth Gasworks.

With the Gasworks planning application due to be determined in March, we are putting this last call out to our networks to hop onto the planning portal and support us (details below).

In the midst of a local and national housing crisis, York needs to build another 20,000 homes according to the draft Local Plan. 600 of these will come as part of this Gasworks development, along with Social Vision’s first ever permanent building.

If planning permission is granted, Social Vision have secured funding to design and deliver a new space for the community. Through initial consultation with our trusted partners across the city, we are exploring a fully accessible and self-sustaining community cafe that provides a safe, engaging and relevant space for isolated groups in the city, with a particular focus on the city’s ageing population, families, and young people.

How to support us

Here’s a step by step guide to support us to create this exciting new space:

  • Visit https://planningaccess.york.gov.uk/online-applications/
  • Login if you have an account, or create one (takes a minute) if you don’t
  • Enter 19/00979/OUTM in the box at the bottom of the search page and hit ‘Search’
  • Click on ‘Make a Comment’
  • Tell the council why you think this is a good idea for our city.

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