York CVS Chief Executive to step down



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York CVS Chief Executive to step down

We were sorry to hear last week that Sarah Armstrong, Chief Executive of York CVS, has decided to step down to focus on other commitments. Jane Hustwit, Chair of Trustees at York CVS wrote this message:

“Since the beginning of 2016, we have been working hard here at York CVS to retrieve, refresh and revive our business and reputation. We are now the Go To place for more or less anything to do with the voluntary and community sector in York, being responsible, responsive and creative.

This sort of demanding, sophisticated work requires expertise, experience and stamina, ideally with a little sparkle and charisma. Our Chief Executive, Sarah Armstrong, has exceeded expectations. So it is with regret that I have accepted her resignation, on behalf of Trustees. Sarah will leave in August. For a mix of reasons, she has decided to move away from such intensive commitment. These include personal concerns including care for elderly family as well as a new non executive role in the NHS.

Strangely, given that we are still reconstructing, Sarah’s decision feels right. Sarah and I have always thought in terms of a three year recovery programme. However we know now that it will actually take twice as long, with different leadership strengths and skills being required at different stages.

Trustees are clear that we need to pause briefly, reflect and create a strategy to guide us through the next few years. We need to undertake careful, frank and holistic reassessment, involving the sector itself. As Trustees, we know that our unrestricted funds have shrunk, whilst demands grow and diversify. We need to work out how we can maximise our impact, effectively and efficiently, whilst delivering as a social action organisation, working out of a Victorian building and running a nursery, as well as a conference centre.

Over the next week or so, we will put in place plans to recruit a new Chief Executive. Should you wish for more information about this opportunity, please contact me on jane.hustwit@yorkcvs.org.uk. In the meantime, Sarah and I are both around, very much committed to carrying on the existing work and seizing new ideas when appropriate!”


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