York Lockdown Colour Challenge



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York Lockdown Colour Challenge

Social Vision and All You Need is Love Photography have joined forces to bring a new creative project for lockdown. Here are the rules:

Lockdown Colour Challenge

Here’s a fun household challenge to keep you all entertained.

1 – Pick a colour of the rainbow

2 – Search your house for any items and clothing in that colour

3 – Get dressed up, strike a pose and take a photo (selfie timer on a propped up mobile works as well)

4 – Post your image in the comments on this Facebook post

You can do as many colours as you want. The most important rule to remember is, have fun!

Then, on 17th May, we will collect them all together and make a giant rainbow collage dedicated to our amazing NHS. It’s a great activity for everyone and anyone to do whilst we are in lockdown. Kids, adults, pets, whole families.

We cannot wait to see your creations.

Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives

Here’s ours:


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