York’s Christmas Lights



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York’s Christmas Lights

I took the family into town after dark this week for our daily lockdown walk, to try soak up some Christmas spirit. There are some definite spots of beauty, but also some (understandably given the current circumstances) areas of definite underwhelm.

Bettys Christmas Display Window York Gingerbread House

So the good stuff – Coney Street, The Minster, St Helen’s Square and Parliament Street all looked lovely, had a nice vibe of local families doing the same thing, and we coincidentally bumped into some friends (at a safe distance) which was nice. Bettys definitely won the award for the best Christmas shop window, with Fabrication a close second.

York Minster with Christmas Lights

I was left very underwhelmed by The Shambles and the Art Gallery. Hopefully the former will receive some attention as we come out of lockdown, and I guess the Art Gallery can’t invest whilst not open for business. I do, however, feel Exhibition Square is really under-utilised. Despite Visit York’s website saying that Shambles Market is open until 6pm until Christmas, this wasn’t the case and we all went home hungry after finding everything shut down at 4.30pm. I managed to catch one of Krep’s team who told me it was 4pm closing through lockdown and back to 6pm after 2nd December (yay!).

Shambles York Christmas Lights

Anyone planning an early evening route around town (my map below) for some Christmas wonderment post-lockdown, I’d recommend starting with a little Christmas shopping browse at our Micklegate Pop up Christmas Market, then down Micklegate to the Coppergate Centre, onto Parliament Street, Davygate and Blake Street. Right on Duncombe Place to the Minster, then back down Petergate and Stonegate, across St Helen’s Square and down Coney Street to Natwest. Turn left up Market Street, and follow up to finish with a bite to eat and Hot Chocolate at Shambles Food Court.

St Helen's Square Christmas Tree York

The Belfry York


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