Youth Cafe to open in Acomb



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Youth Cafe to open in Acomb

Social Vision caught up with the team at Chill in the Community CIC and Polarized Youth Group to find out more about their Youth Cafe opening in June 2018.

Tell us more about the Youth Cafe….

We’re opening a youth cafe at Chill in the Community CIC. This will be an open space just to chill out with friends downstairs and each night a different activity will be going on upstairs. The Cafe will be open 6pm to 9pm on a Monday and a Saturday to start with, but if the kids are wanting more we want to grow!

Who’s it aimed at?

We are aiming for age 11 to 16 really yr 7 plus. It might fall into natural groups on the 2 days but this is who we are aiming for. Realistically it’s to get the kids off the street.

And why have you decided to set it up?

There is no space for teens in the area to just be teens. Free youth provision across the city is really lacking and the teens are regularly criticised for being on the streets. We want to give them a space to socialise that is warm, dry and safe. We are hoping that the events we have planned will inspire the teens to try new things and broaden their horizons. The space will also hopefully give them space to think & relax whilst exams are on.

When are you aiming to open?

We officially open on Saturday June 2nd. There is an open day planned with lots of fun activities between 2pm & 6pm then the space will convert to teen only from 6pm to 9pm. We have a couple of lead up events planned as well so watch the Facebook & Twitter feeds (details below)

What can customers expect to find there?

This is a teen space. The Cafe services will be available smoothies, milkshakes, coffee’s, cake etc and the space will be open. There will be qualified adults about for safety but we are hoping the teens will make this space their own and let us know what they want in the future. We have a PlayStation etc but it’s really up to the kids.

You can find out more about the two organisations running the cafe below:

Chill in the Community CIC:  website  |  facebook  |  twitter

Polarized Youth Group:  website  |  facebook  |  twitter


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