Running: an innovative approach to help the homeless

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Running: an innovative approach to help the homeless

Inspired by the film Skid Row Marathon and the London based group ‘The Running Charity’, two local runners Nick and Simon are now in the early stages of setting up a new York running group. Its aim is to help homeless and recovering addicts to improve their wellbeing and self esteem through running.

Despite being one of the UKs most affluent cities, York has a significant homeless problem and they hope to be able to support people, particularly the young,  back to health, into permanent accommodation and eventually back into work.

Many runners gain as much for their mental health as their physical health through their running, so they know how important it is to feel fit and to get the sense of achievement that goes with finishing a first parkrun or 10k.

Although already overwhelmed by the support of the York running community, Nick and Simon would love to hear from anyone keen to help, especially if you have experience of dealing with issues associated to homelessness or addiction.

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